Goodyear Tires Rebate Form

Goodyear Tires Rebate Form – A good approach to reducing the price of new tires for your vehicle is to obtain a Goodyear Tires Rebate. You can fill out a variety of forms and may be eligible for a number of different payment choices.


Buying tires with your credit card can be a terrific way to save some money. However, you must complete the Goodyear Tires rebate paperwork if you wish to benefit fully from the reimbursement.

For instance, using your Visa prepaid card to make your purchase will save you $100. In fact, if you buy a set of four qualifying tires from Goodyear, you’ll get a cash rebate of up to $200. Additionally, you can earn more money by using your credit card to finance your tires. The fact that the cards are available at so many Goodyear merchants is the nicest aspect.

Having a Visa prepaid card is a terrific idea for a variety of additional reasons as well. For instance, it takes as little as 6 weeks to get your cards sent to your door. A voucher for a free oil change is one of the freebies you can take advantage of.

eligibility requirements

You may save money by applying for a Goodyear Tires rebate, regardless of whether you have new tires on your car or truck or need to replace the tires on your van or SUV. The refunds are available for a variety of different tires and can be as much as $200, depending on the cost of the tires.

Applying for a Goodyear rebate can be done online or by mail. Both procedures require a copy of your tire purchase receipt and personal information. On the Goodyear website, you can find the application form. You can also complete the form in person at a nearby Goodyear outlet.

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Four qualifying tires must have been purchased by you during the rebate period. Your submission must include the name of the eligible tire, the installation invoice, and the date of purchase. Your rebate amount will be accompanied by a pre-paid Visa card.Your card will arrive in six to eight weeks.

Date of expiration

New wheels are expensive, but you can obtain some complimentary banknotes in the shape of a Goodyear Tires refund. With every purchase, the tire retailer is giving away a $100 prepaid Visa card. The wheels must be purchased with the card, though.

The Goodyear Tires rebate offer is only available to private individuals in the United States, but it is still an excellent deal. Additionally, you can save money on additional tires. You can apply for a card from Citibank, N.A., and get a $50 prepaid Visa card with your purchase if you’re interested in a more standard credit card. By using your card on an eligible vehicle, you may also be eligible for a bonus offer.

The tire business also has a stylish website. They have a ton of offers, including reductions on Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires, 12% off Kumho tires, and an awesome price on General winter wheels. Along with a strong selection of name-brand winter tires, they also carry Firestone Winterforce and General Winterforce. At their online store, you may get fantastic discounts on a variety of tire brands.

Options for payment

A new set of tires is an expensive purchase, especially if you drive frequently and require tires for many vehicles. You might want to think about using the Goodyear Tire Rebate if you want to save money on your next set of tires. Depending on the model of your car, the rebate might be between $25 and $100. Because the rebate is not instant, you will need to fill out a form and submit it.

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At participating Goodyear locations, you can purchase tires with your Goodyear Credit Card. Additionally, your purchase will have a six-month 0% interest rate. A $50 prepaid card will also be given to you when you buy certain tires.

When you purchase Wrangler DuraTrac(r) tires, you will receive a $100 prepaid card.Additionally, if you buy Assurance (r) WeatherReady (r) tires or Eagle (r) Exhilarate ™ tires, you can get a $75 prepaid card or a $150 prepaid card.

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Goodyear Tires Rebate
Goodyear Tires Rebate

Rebates of Goodyear Tires Rebate Form

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