Hercules Tires Rebate

Hercules Tires Rebate – The simplest approach to saving money on tires is to apply for a refund at Hercules Tires. You might not only obtain discounts on new tires but also on other goods like shocks and brake pads.

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You can receive a refund on Hercules all-terrain tires, whether you require new tires for your SUV, vehicle, or light truck. The producer will provide a $70 rebate on a number of passenger, light truck, and all-terrain tires this fall.

From September 12 through December 31st, 2024, the rebate will be available. To be eligible for the maximum rebate, you must purchase four tires. You have until October 31st to complete a refund form and send it to Goodyear in order to receive your reimbursement. Up to $70 will be paid to you in check form. The sale price before the rebate is used to determine federal taxes.

You intention be eligible to enroll in the Hercules Performance Promise Plan in addition to the reimbursement. This service provides 60,000-mile treadwear coverage as well as protection from road hazards. Additionally, you can benefit from their 45-day “Trust Our Ride” test drive.


Hercules Tires offers a consumer rebate to help make the price of purchasing a new tire a little more manageable. Customers can save up to $70 on qualifying light truck tires for a short period of time. Additionally, the offer comes with a bonus. You will receive a brand-new tire and road hazard protection in a single purchase, so this isn’t just any old tire.

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The Hercules Roadtour 855 SPE, a premium grand touring tire, is the priciest of the fancy-pants cars. Numerous characteristics of this tire include a quiet ride, an all-season tread, and improved fuel economy. Additionally, although it has a relatively small footprint, it achieves a lot. Any type of passenger automobile or light truck can use this tire.

The Hercules Optima HS2 is a premium performance winter tire that is a superb choice for any motorist and is yet another essential. It has zigzag siping that provides more biting edges and higher traction. Additionally, it lessens lateral movement for a smoother ride. Drivers seeking a high-performance tire that can endure winter conditions and light traffic should consider this.


To save an extra dollar when buying new tires, simply apply for a UHP Hercules Tires rebate. It’s actually among the best discounts availableimply apply for a UHP Hercules Tires rebate. It’s actually among the best discounts available. The business provides a number of refund choices, such as a prepaid Visa card that entitles you to up to $70. This offer is unrestricted to citizens of the United States and Puerto Rico.

The company offers a wide range of tires, from commercial tires to light vehicle and SUV tires. They not only have a large assortment but also some of the greatest warranties in the business. Included in this is their “Promise Plan,” which pays for 50% of the tread life.

In charge to aid you in choosing the best tires, the company also provides a 45-day test drive. Finally, you can replace your old tires with a set of new ones that are equivalent.

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For your next set of tires, using a Hercules Tires rebate is a fantastic way to cut costs. All four seasons, including winter and summer, are covered by the company’s offerings. You are likely to discover what you’re searching for at a cheap price, whether you need new tires for your vehicle, SUV, or light truck. Discount Tire & Service, Inc. and Long’s OK Tire Pros are two businesses that sell Hercules tires.

Your neighborhood dealer is one of the finest places to find a Hercules tire rebate. One of the professionals at Long’s OK can help you with your search if you have questions about choosing the best tire for your car.

Hercules is a reputable business that has been operating for a while, as you can see from a quick search of the Internet. It should reach as no wonder that they can supply their consumers with a vast range of goods, services, and deals given that they have operations in both the United States and Canada. They offer not only a variety of the best tires for your car but also a number of value-added services to make your purchase even simpler.

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Hercules Tires, a well-known producer of replacement tires for vehicles, light trucks, and trucks, is based in Findlay, Ohio. Thousands of devoted clients have helped the business develop a solid reputation. Its items can be found in stores and across a sizable distribution network.

Specialty tires, performance tires, light vehicle tires, and passenger tires, among many others, are all available from Hercules. All-terrain, off-road, and all-season tires are all part of the company’s Terra Trac series. Additionally, a complete line of commercial tires, including bias and radial OTR, is available. Two new all-season tires have just been added to the Terra Trac collection by the business.

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A high-performance tire with maximum field traction is the AG-TRAC RT45 Radial R-1W. It has an enhanced tread design and minimal slip characteristics. Its tread depth is 20% deeper than that of a conventional R1 tire. Additionally, it has an industry-best warranty on stubble.

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Hercules Tires Rebate
Hercules Tires Rebate

Rebates of Hercules Tires Rebate

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