MPI Rebate Cheques

If you are an MPI customer, be sure to get the latest MPI Rebate cheques which will likely be happening on this February 2022. On Thursday, Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), announced that it will issue its third rebate in less then two years.

A $312 million rebate will net an average private passenger policy $328 in rebates. There will be approximately 578,000 checks issued. To receive their rebate cheque, customers who plan to change their address must notify MPI by January 12, 2022. Customers will receive a $10 rebate.

This is the third MPI COVID-19 Rebate in less than two-years. MPI will have given rebates totaling nearly $500 million to its policyholders – $110 Million in May 2020, $69 Million in December 2020.

The combination of lower claims in the COVID-19 period, and strong financial results made this latest rebate possible. The Basic Autopac premiums paid between December 22, 2020 and December 9, 2021 are used to calculate the rebate. It is estimated that it will be approximately 27 percent of the annual Basic Autopac premium.

Download MPI Rebate Cheques 2022

MPI Rebate Cheques 2022

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