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Seresto Rebate Form PDF – Saving money on flea, tick, and other parasite treatments for your pet is easy with the help of a Seresto Rebate Form. On collars, chews, and sprays for fleas and ticks, you can receive a rebate.

Get a refund for ticks and fleas.

A Seresto refund is the way to go, whether you’re wanting to save money on your pet’s flea prevention or just need a break from paying through the roof for your pet’s treatment. Your dog or cat can avoid getting fleas and ticks by wearing a Seresto collar. Up to $10 in rebates are available. The rebate can be redeemed online or by mail. A receipt for the purchase of the Seresto collar is also required.

For dogs and cats, the Seresto collar lasts for eight months. It is a collar without powder that eliminates ticks and fleas. The Consumer Products Council has given the collar its top rating. It is produced by Bayer, which also creates Frontline and many other fantastic pet products. For dogs and cats, Frontline Gold is a monthly topical that kills ticks for four weeks. Additionally, it is the only item in this category that eliminates ticks at all phases of development, including eggs, larvae, and adults.

Receive a discount on chews.

Seresto chews and collars provide your dog or cat with 8 months of continuous flea and tick protection.Additionally, you’ll be eligible for a rebate. The best aspect is that you won’t have to worry about your dog swallowing the medications.

To qualify for the reimbursement, all you need is a Seresto chews and collar, as well as proof of purchase.Either upload a photo of your receipt or complete an online form. After that, you can mail it in or print it off. The discount is available until June 30, 2021. Don’t forget to let your veterinarian know about the benefits you’re receiving, and you might soon be receiving a complimentary Seresto chew and collar.

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While you’re at it, you might want to take advantage of the many coupon deals that your neighborhood pet store has to offer. You might also benefit from the complimentary pet supplies that some retailers, like Hill’s Science Diet, offer.

Receive a discount on collars.

It’s difficult to obtain a Seresto rebate form. The procedure may take six to eight weeks to complete. You must complete a form that you can get online if you buy Seresto from a nearby retailer. Your rebate check expires after three months. However, some businesses provide a product mix refund, allowing you to benefit from savings on two separate Seresto products.

For cats and dogs, a Seresto collar provides eight months of flea and tick protection. Two insecticides are included in these collars. Elanco Animal Health, the company that makes Seresto, asserts that the drug has undergone testing by more than 80 regulatory bodies worldwide and is safe.

However, indications suggest that more pets may have been hurt or killed by Seresto collars than the firm has been able to admit. Each reported event is taken seriously by EPA personnel. Although they are unable to confirm it, many people think that the reported rate of adverse events may be higher than typical.

Receive a refund for spraying.

A Seresto rebate form for sprays may be useful if you’ve already bought Seresto or are considering trying it. A special polymer matrix in this product allows for a gradual release of drugs. It is simple to utilize as a result. Ticks and fleas are also repelled for a period of up to eight months. Furthermore, it does not necessitate usage reminders or reminders on a regular basis.

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Visit to submit your application if you’ve already purchased Seresto spray and want to take advantage of the Seresto refund program. An email with instructions on how to complete the rebate form will subsequently be sent to you. The rebate application is good through December 15, 2013. You won’t be able to get your rebate form if you don’t get it within this window of time.

Seresto also offers a $20 Advantage Multi(r) coupon.This indicates that you are eligible for rebates of up to $200.

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Seresto Rebate Form
Seresto Rebate Form

Rebates of Seresto Rebate Form PDF

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