Air Optix Rebate Form and Getting the Appropriate Offer

If you handle the Air Optix rebate form properly and in a timely manner, you will be able to purchase low-cost contact lenses without spending an enormous amount. There are numerous rebate programs provided through Alcon to purchase the Air Optix products. It’s unfortunate that not many are aware of these programs. Even if they are aware that they exist, they aren’t sure which ones to look for (or search for). Therefore, you’ll be informed about the ways that the rebate offer offered by Air Optix can benefit you tremendously.

Finding a Valid Program

Remember that the rebate offer offered by Air Optix is valid only when you purchase through your eye specialist who prescribes your contacts or at the location that is affiliated (with the company). Therefore, if you’d like to take advantage of the rebate, it is essential to ensure that you purchase from the participant retailer.

Be aware that the rebate isn’t applicable to purchases made through online retailers. It isn’t applicable to purchases from major retailers, for example, Target Optical, Costco Optical, Walmart Vision Centers, and other.

It is important to learn about the conditions to qualify to receive the rebate. At the end of the day, Air Optix has quite easy rules, like:

  • You must have an eligible and valid year-long purchase (lens) purchases from participating retailers within a certain period of time period
  • You are given a time limit in which you have to submit an claim within 60 days from the date of purchase.
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The cash rebate will not be available in the form of money. It will be awarded with the form of a gift card therefore there will be no cash given to you , or funds wired to your account.

How to Claim for the Air Optix Rebate Form

You can apply for this rebate through the web, however you’ll not be able to make it happen over the phone.

  • Visit OnlineAlconRebates
  • If you purchase items, you will receive rebate codes. You must enter the code into the specified slot. What do you do if there isn’t an instruction or code? Get help from them by calling 1-855-344-6871
  • Give your email address and confirm it.
  • Log in to the site

Follow the instructions provided to complete your claim.

In general, you will need to prepare these documents in addition to the form:

  • Receipt for sales (showing the date of purchase and the lens purchased)
  • The fitting of the lens or prescription for eye exams. This is issued by the eye doctor.
  • UPC

There is no need to mail the rebate form by mail. All of it can be completed online, making the process be quicker and simpler. However, you must fill out and process the Air Optix rebate form correctly in order to have your claim to be approved.

Download Air Optix Rebate Form 2024

Air Optix Rebate Form
Air Optix Rebate Form

Rebates of Air Optix Rebate Form and Getting the Appropriate Offer

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