Avista Window Rebate Form

Get latest Avista Window Rebate Form here on our website! Be sure to understand that this specific rebate form only works for those who are Washington residents.

So what is exactly the available rebates here?

  • Windows are $4.00 per square. feet. Window U-Factor .29 or less
  • Storm windows cost $3.00 for each sq. feet. The storm windows (interior/exterior) must be brand new in the same dimensions as an windows in direct contact with the existing windows, and also exterior windows with low-e-coating should be facing the inside of the house. The emissivity of glazing materials should be less than 0.22 with an energy transmittance of higher than 0.55.

Requirements to Make You Qualify for Avista Window Rebate

Customer needs:

  • Homeowners are accountable for ensuring compliance with all applicable codes and regulations.
  • The rebates are directly paid to the homeowners or homeowners can authorise the release of funds to contractors.
  • Credit credit: Allow up seven days to process and the payment of rebate. Check: Give up to 4 months for the processing of rebate and the payment of rebate.

Requirements for rebates:

  • Homes that are currently in use only.
  • For a single family of with up to fourplexes, annual consumption must exceed 8000 kilowatts of electricity or 340 thermal therms in natural gas-heated heat.
  • Small home or multifamily There is no minimum use requirement however you must utilize Avista either natural gas or electricity as the main heating source in the home.
  • The request to receive rebates should be made within 90 days of the completion of the energy efficiency measure.
  • The rebates are only available to the primary residence.
  • The rebates aren’t available for homes that are used as recreational or seasonal condos or homes.
  • Avista retains the option to check the installations of any efficiency measure(s) before the payment and will coordinate inspections if appropriate.
  • Avista and its agents can, with reasonable notice and with reasonable notice, ask access to the customer’s premises following payment to evaluate and measure the results.
  • The amount of rebates will not exceed 100% of the cost of the measure.
  • A licensed contractor is required to provide a new window documents that be able to provide an invoice containing the following information: total window size ratings, u-factor, ratings and the cost.
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Equipment needs:

  • Only windows are eligible.
  • All improvements must be completed by a contractor completed to be eligible to receive rebate consideration. Utilize our online tool to locate the best contractor for your needs. We suggest that you get many bids to evaluate.
  • Windows are made up of frames and glass.

Download Avista Window Rebate Form 2024

Avista Window Rebate Form 2024
Avista Window Rebate Form 2024

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