Bausch And Lomb Rebate Form 2024

Bausch And Lomb Rebate Form 2024 – You might be qualified for a Bausch & Lomb rebate if you just bought a new pair of contact lenses through the CEC network. However, you might not be qualified for a reimbursement if you’ve already bought the same set of contact lenses. How to submit a rebate claim is detailed in the following article. Study the Bausch and Lomb Visa Incentive Card as well. Only one pair of contact lenses per customer is eligible for this reimbursement.

Horizon Benefits

Customers who purchase a Bausch and Lomb contact lens product are rewarded through the ongoing Bausch and Lomb Horizon Rewards program. Patients may receive incentives such as gift cards, vouchers for upcoming purchases, or even a donation to a good cause. Residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia are eligible for the program. It’s crucial to remember that sending in too many submissions could be construed as fraud. About 60 days pass during the rebate process.

Users can accumulate points and tokens through the Bausch & Lomb Horizon Rewards program, which can then be exchanged for gift cards, rebates, or even prepaid cards. Additionally, gift certificates for trips to the eye doctor are available to members.

Card Incentive for Visa

You may get discounts on eyeglasses and get free gift cards by signing up for the Bausch + Lomb Reward Card. A prepaid Visa rebate card that you may use wherever you often shop will be mailed to you. Take a picture of your purchase receipt and the tear page from your eyecare provider to get your rebate. Send Bausch + Lomb the tear sheet after that.

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You must purchase your contact lenses between September 2016 and December 2017 in order to be eligible for incentives. The purchase must be made during the offer period, and you have 60 days from the date of purchase to submit your refund form. A $2.95 fee will be applied if you don’t make the transaction within 60 days after receiving it. The rewards card cannot be used at ATMs or converted into cash. The refund program is exclusively open to citizens of the 50 United States and Washington, D.C.


Customers who use the Bausch And Lomb rebate program receive a discount on their purchases. The rebates are redeemable by patients for cash, gift cards, or entry into prizes. Depending on the brand of eyeglasses you are prescribed, many sorts of refunds are available. Fill out form 2024 to see if your brand of eyewear is eligible. You can use your rebate after it has been accepted.

You must buy Bausch and Lomb contact lenses within a 60-day window to be eligible. A $100 rebate might be yours if you bought a Bausch & Lomb product within the last two years. Additionally, you are eligible to receive a rebate for the cost of a contact lens yearly supply. Visit the Bausch & Lomb rebate page for further information. Most significant online retailers and online pharmacies carry the rebate form 2024.


You might be eligible for a rebate if you just purchased eyeglasses from Bausch & Lomb. You have five business days to redeem your rebate under the Bausch & Lomb rebate program. Additionally, you can accumulate gift cards and tokens that can be exchanged for goods.

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For an additional chance to win cashback, you can enter sweepstakes. However, you need first choose the kind of eyeglasses you plan to buy before starting to fill out the Bausch And Lomb Rebate Form 2024.

One of the top producers of contact lenses, including SofLens, PureVision, and ULTRA, is Bausch and Lomb. High Definition Optics and moisture-seal technology are features of their goods. When you buy their contact lenses, you can also obtain rebates through Mail in rebates. Simply follow the instructions below to receive a rebate for your Bausch & Lomb contact lenses. Keep in mind that the Bausch and Lomb Rebate Form 2024 is only good for purchases made from August 2024 through December 2122.

Download Bausch And Lomb Rebate Form 2024

Bausch And Lomb Rebate Form 2024

Rebates of Bausch And Lomb Rebate Form 2024

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