Bfgoodrich Rebate Form 2024

Bfgoodrich Rebate Form 2024 – One of the tire industry’s best-known names is BFGoodrich. It is most known for its tires, which are adored by drivers worldwide and have won prestigious racing championships.

To meet your demands, BFGoodrich also produces a huge selection of passenger, SUV, and light truck tires. With a BFGoodrich Rebate Form, you can receive a rebate on certain BFGoodrich tires.

What Is Bfgoodrich Rebate?

A cash rebate is provided for the purchase of specific BFGoodrich tires as part of the promotional campaign known as the BFGoodrich Rebate. By giving customers a chance to get money back on certain tires they buy, the initiative aims to increase demand for BFGoodrich tires in the US.

Customers may receive a $50 Visa reward card at participating Belle Tire outlets during the event when they buy a certain pair of four BFGoodrich passenger or light truck tires. Any Belle Tire outlet will accept the card for redemption.

The card is good for purchases made starting at 9:00 PM on December 23, 2021, through January 9, 2024, or while supplies last, whichever comes first. Anywhere that accepts Visa debit cards, including Belle Tire, you may use the card to make transactions.

The BFGoodrich OnTrail smartphone app and tire purchases from participating Belle Tire locations are two more opportunities to earn cash back from BFGoodrich in addition to the card. Only new tires for cars, light trucks, and other similar vehicles are eligible for these discounts. They are not combinable with other promotions and are governed by all applicable state, municipal, and federal laws. Finding a BFGoodrich merchant that will give you the most cash back is the best way to make the most of this deal.

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How to Get Bfgoodrich Rebate

A $50 Visa Reward Card will be given to you when you purchase a set of four BFGoodrich brand tires at any Belle Tire location. The deadline for this deal is January 9, 2024.

To qualify for this deal, four specific BFGoodrich (r) tires must be purchased. Only residents of the United States, including its territories and possessions, are eligible for this promotion. This offer, products, and/or services may be changed or discontinued at any time and without prior notice by BFGoodrich (r) Tires. This deal cannot be combined with any other promotions or offers.

The rebate form must be submitted by October 13, 2016, at the latest. Original equipment, commercial/medium truck, and off-road tires are not eligible for this promotion. Tires supplied to original equipment manufacturers, fleets, distributors, or commercial clients are not eligible for the promotion.

Your request must be sent in a postal mail envelope and postmarked by, or received on, October 13, 2016. If BFGoodrich(r) Tires does not accept your request within six (6) months of the date it was submitted, it will be deemed invalid.You are required to keep copies of any requests you make. Each and every determination on the admissibility of any submissions made by BFGoodrich (r) Tires shall be final and binding. Your reimbursement will be lost if you tamper with, change, or fabricate your request, since that is fraud.

How to Track Bfgoodrich Rebate

On a variety of items, BFGoodrich provides a number of rebates. They may be found in a number of magazines as well as on the BFGoodrich website. Generally speaking, utilizing their rebate form is the easiest method to keep track of your B.F. Goodrich refund. You can fill out this form to submit details regarding your BFGoodrich tires for verification and credit to the company. It simply takes a few minutes to finish the form, which is simple to complete. Within four to six weeks, the form will be completed, and you may anticipate getting your reimbursement in the mail.

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Please be aware that modifying, faking, or tampering with the provided purchase information is fraud. Any determinations about the legitimacy of any submissions made by BF Goodrich (or its authorized representatives) are conclusive and binding. All applicable laws and regulations—federal, state, and local—apply to this promotion. BFGoodrich retains the right, at any time and for any reason, to change or end this offer, product, and/or service.

Create a Tire Buyer account and submit an application for a BF Goodrich tire refund in order to receive the best tire prices. Your next set of tires might cost you as little as $110 less thanks to this free service!

Download Bfgoodrich Rebate Form 2024

Bfgoodrich Rebate Form 2024
Bfgoodrich Rebate Form 2024

Rebates of Bfgoodrich Rebate Form 2024

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