Chicago Rebate Security Cameras

Chicago offers the latest Chicago rebate security cameras 2024 to improve residents safety. Every resident is able to acquire around $225 to $450 either you buy a single camera or more.

To enter this rebate, you need to register your camera to the CPD (Chicago Police Department). You don’t need to worry about your privacy since the CPD doesn’t have any access to the camera unless they get your consent when things happen.

How to Get Chicago Rebate for Security Cameras 2024

Chicago Rebate Security Cameras 2024

There are two ways you can get the rebate for the security camera:

  • Home Protection Rebate Program for Businesses: Residents and business owners in the area can purchase equipment, including lights, cameras and GPS trackers. Then they will be reimbursed.
  • Block club expansion: Block club leaders may request resources from the city in order to develop or support their block clubs.

Rebates of Chicago Rebate Security Cameras

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