Combi Boiler Rebate

Combi Boiler Rebate – Maine Natural Gas, Bangor Natural Gas and Unitil customers who reside in Maine can avail 300 percent off on qualifying natural gas “combi” boilers from participating distributors. These boilers require installation by a registered Residential Vendor, and are included in the home energy loan. It is important to note that Efficiency Maine does not guarantee the effectiveness of the appliance. This rebate only applies to qualifying boilers bought through distributors who are participating.

New Mexico Gas Company

If you’ve considered purchasing an all-new combination boiler and water heater, then you may be interested in the rebates provided through New Mexico Gas Company (NMGC). This program is designed to assist people save energy and money by installing high-efficiency boilers and water heaters into their homes. To benefit from the program you need to install a qualifying boiler or water heater between April 1st, 2024, and March 31st, 2024. You can submit an online form to be eligible for the rebate. You can also visit the website of New Mexico Gas Co. for more.

This rebate is offered to multifamily and commercial customers who make the necessary upgrades to a combi boiler, or any other energy efficiency improvements. The program is administered by ICAST non-profit organization which works in partnership together with the business to offer incentives to upgrade energy efficiency. ICAST offers turnkey services to retrofit energy efficiency and will guide you through the selection process of selecting an upgrade that is suitable for your needs and budget.

Bangor Natural Gas

for customers who use Bangor Natural Gas and participating distributors, a $300-instant rebate is available for purchasing a qualified natural gas “combi” boiler. The boiler has to be put in place by an approved Residential Registered Vendor, and be included in the customer’s home energy loan. Efficiency Maine, the company who manages the program cannot guarantee the boiler’s performance. The rebate is open for all clients of Bangor Natural Gas and participating distributors.

The Bangor City Council’s EnergySmart Bangor program offers a $100 rebate in addition to the usual $400 rebate for air sealing through The Assessment Program. If eligible the Bangor Natural Gas customers Bangor Natural Gas can receive double rebates on HESP projects. The qualifying measures are a natural gas-powered combination boiler and insulation. For more information, go to the EnergySmart Bangor website. These incentives are offered to residential and commercial customers.

Maine Natural Gas

The combi boiler can be described as a kind of boiler made to work with natural gas. The customers from Bangor Natural Gas, Maine Natural Gas and Unitil can be eligible for a $300 discount on boilers that meet the requirements. The qualifying boiler has to have been installed by a registered Residential Vendor, and included in the qualifying home Energy loan. Its efficiency is not guaranteed. appliance that is installed by a registered residential vendor is not guaranteeable. In order to qualify for the rebate, the boiler has to be able to meet certain efficiency standards.

If a person is a resident of Bangor and is looking to cut their energy consumption by using an natural gas combi boiler, he may avail a cash rebate from the city of Bangor. EnergySmart Bangor will pay up to 50% of the cost to seal the air as a part of the HESP program. It is possible that the Bangor Natural Gas rebate on an HESP project can be increased by a third when the customer purchases an eligible natural gas-fueled combination boiler, or upgrades to insulation.


If you recently bought a new boiler, then you could be eligible for an Unitil co-op boiler discount. This rebate is available to qualified boilers bought from Unitil installed by an approved contractor. The customer must complete the rebate application along with original receipts with dates and the required documents within sixty days of the installation. Unit will not pay rebates until verification of installation is completed. Additionally, rebates could change at any moment. Learn the details about this offer.

In accordance with your Unitil local gas service, you could be eligible for 300 percent off the price of eligible “combi” boilers and natural gas water heaters. The Unitil representative will be able to provide more details regarding the program. If you are awarded an incentive, you could be responsible for taxes on the product you bought. The rebate isn’t tax-deductible. For more information, call Your representative in your area. Unit representative.

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Combi Boiler Rebate
Combi Boiler Rebate

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