Coopervision Rebate Form July 2024

Coopervision Rebate Form July 2024 – If you buy CooperVision products, you might be qualified for a rebate. This discount only applies to one eye. Additionally, this reimbursement is subject to a number of limitations and exclusions. Learn more by reading on. Contact CooperVision if you’re interested in earning a rebate.

Rebate from CooperVision for one eye

You might be qualified for a rebate if you buy CooperVision contact lenses. CooperVision refunds cover up to 50% of the price of a year’s worth of lenses for one eye. To claim your rebate, you can choose between purchasing a physical card or a digital Visa giftcard. Allow up to four weeks for delivery if you decide to purchase a physical card.

You need to provide the necessary qualifying documentation in order to get your rebate. A legitimate sales receipt with the patient’s name, the name of the business where the contact lenses were purchased, the quantity of boxes purchased, and the date of purchase is one of these documents. Another is your receipt from your lens fitting or eye exam. You can access the rebate form online.

You must have acquired lenses between July 1, 2024, and December 31, 2024 in order to be eligible for the rebate. Refund claims submitted after the purchase date will not be honored; the purchase date is determined by the date on the sales receipt. Additionally, you have sixty days from the purchase date to submit the rebate form.

Restrictions on this discount

Customers that buy CooperVision goods are eligible for rebates. However, there are some limitations on these rebates. In some instances, a rebate is only good if the rebate form is filed on time and in full. In the event that a refund form is used improperly, these restrictions may be applied.

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Remember to adhere to the guidelines while submitting your Coopervision rebate form. Use the appropriate rebate form at all times. You must have a valid receipt in order to submit your rebate. Instructions on how to use your real or virtual card will be sent to you through email. Attention: CooperVision reserves the right to modify or terminate the rebate program at any time. Lost, delayed, or stolen reimbursement requests are not CooperVision’s responsibility. CooperVision will not be able to return your materials if the form is wrong or illegible.

Download Coopervision Rebate Form July 2024

Coopervision Rebate Form July 2024
Coopervision Rebate Form July 2024

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