Falken Tires Rebate Form

Falken Tires Rebate Form – Utilizing the Falken Tires rebate can have a significant positive influence on your bottom line, regardless of whether you own a fleet of vehicles or a single car. You may purchase your next pair of tires with these rebates without having to pay anything out of pocket. Even better, you can join to get access to extra perks like free shipping on orders over $300.

Road dangers impact drivers.

Road risks cause thousands of individuals to suffer injuries or lose their lives every year. Construction debris, jagged edges, uneven expansion joints, slippery surfaces, and standing water are a few examples.

When faced with these circumstances, drivers frequently become disoriented and crash. At faster speeds, this can result in head-on collisions as well as rear-end collisions.

If you are injured in an auto casualty, you may be allowed to sue the individual who caused the road danger for your damages. This could be a building firm or a government organization in charge of maintaining the road.

You can prevent an automobile accident by taking the necessary steps and becoming ready to drive in dangerous conditions. These safety measures include staying off the road at dusk or in dense fog. Additionally, you should maintain a clear line of sight on the road and be ready to stop suddenly. If required, you should also shift lanes. Additionally, be ready to drive slowly in locations where there are kids or other pedestrians.

Move carefully! membership advantages

If you enjoy being outside, signing up for Tread Lightly is a fantastic option. You can profit from the company’s marketing initiatives in addition to the benefits of membership. They recently formed a marketing alliance with Falken, and they’re following through by providing a $100 rebate on their WildPeak AT tires.

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Those interested in safeguarding their vehicles can take advantage of a discount from Foremost Insurance Group, a division of OnX. Tread Lightly has its own marketing department, and some of Falken’s advertising materials feature the Tread Lightly emblem. Falken has entered the fray, and its officials are certain that the partnership will turn out to be a winning one.

While you’re there, you should check out the Tread Lightly mobile app, the newest and best addition to the company. The app, which you may use on your smartphone, is made to make tire purchasing enjoyable and practical. You may look up a participating dealer, see the offers offered, and arrange a meeting with a service advisor using the mobile app.

eligibility criteria

You can benefit from Falken’s $50 cash-back mail-in rebate throughout the month of July. By mailing a completed form or calling customer service, you can submit a claim for this rebate. This is a terrific way to make some additional money, whether you need new tires for your car, truck, or SUV.

Additionally, you should look into Falken’s 30-Day Ride Guarantee Program. This provides suggestions for tire care and safety warnings. It’s crucial to remember that the guarantee only applies to cars with Falken tires on them. Tires used in racing, professional service, or other competitive events are not covered by the program, which is also non-transferable.

Another great option to cut costs on your next purchase is to use the Goodyear Visa Prepaid Card. It is applicable to eligible purchases bought between July 1 and September 30, 2024. The offer is restricted to residents of the United States and is dependent on credit approval. When requesting the card, you must enclose a copy of your installation invoice.

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Getting your refund

Thankfully, you can benefit from Falken Tire rebates. The durability of these tires will give you comfort and improved performance. They are also made to withstand the worst weather and terrain, including snow. Although maintaining your automobile might be expensive, these rebates can help lower the final cost.

To deliver the most reasonable possibility of obtaining your Falken Tires reimbursement, you must present proof of purchase as well as your warranty card to an authorized FALKEN dealer.You can look up a certified FALKEN dealer online or by calling customer care. Your name, the name of your FALKEN tire dealer, and the date of your purchase must all be included in the tread life warranty claim. For typical highway use, the tread life warranty is still in effect. Tires with worn bars of 2/32″ or 5/35″ are not covered (4.0mm).

You must provide evidence of purchase for your FALKEN Wildpeak A/T3W, A/T2, A/T2, or A/T4 tires in order to be eligible for the Road Hazard Warranty+. The submission of your claim must be done by February 23, 2018. It won’t be handled if you submit your claim after the cutoff time.

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Falken Tires Rebate
Falken Tires Rebate

Rebates of Falken Tires Rebate Form

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