Ford Tire Rebate Form 2024

Ford Tire Rebate Form 2024 – Ford occasionally provides incentives on tire purchases. Simply buy your tires at a participating Ford dealership, keep your receipt, and send the paperwork back within a deadline.

To do this on your own, though, can be a little tiresome. We can handle your refund requests if you use DoNotPay.

What is Ford Tire Rebate?

Ford Tire Rebate is a program that allows customers to receive cash back on qualified tire purchases made at participating stores. You only need to make a qualified purchase (see Ford’s Offers, Rebates, and Coupons website), preserve your receipt, and submit the rebate form within the allotted time frame to take advantage of it.

Brands such as Goodyear, Dunlop, Michelin, BFGoodrich, Continental, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Firestone, Yokohama, and Toyo are examples of eligible tires. Other tires or accessories, including those from third parties offered through online marketplaces and resellers, are not eligible for this deal.

Visit your John Kennedy Ford Service Advisor or give us a call at 844-886-4868 for additional details on this deal.

The presentation of a competitor’s most recent pricing ad or offer for the identical tire sold by the dealership within 30 days after purchase is a requirement of this promotional offer, which is effective on dealer-installed retail purchases. This warranty excludes tires from marketplace websites and any resellers, only covers new tires bought from a participating retailer, and is not offered in New York or Florida. This deal isn’t available for all cars and might change at any time.

The best and simplest method to benefit from these discounts is to use the Ford Tire Rebate form. The only drawback is that it can take some time to complete, and if you don’t submit it back to Ford promptly, it might get lost in the mail.

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How to Get Ford Tire Rebate

The ability to economize on tire purchases is one of the benefits of having a Ford Service Credit Card. Members of the Ford Service Credit Card are eligible for a discount on the cost of four new tires from recognized manufacturers through July 31, 2020.

Either print a copy of the rebate form, fill it out, and mail it in together with a legitimate purchase receipt, or submit your rebate form online. Both procedures call for some details, including your name, address, and phone number in addition to the offer code from the rebate period you are attempting to redeem. This number can be found on your receipt or by searching online.

To learn how to maximize the value of a Ford tire refund, you may also utilize a website like DoNotPay. Finding the correct tire, tracking your refund, and learning more about the procedure are all made simple by this website. You may also check the website to see how many other users have requested the same rebate as you. The website also has a search engine, a FAQ area, and other features.

How to Track Ford Tire Rebate

You may benefit from the Ford Tire Rebate and save money on tires if you have a Ford Service Credit Card. With this rebate, you may earn a prepaid Visa card for $70 after spending $400 on four qualifying tires at an authorized dealer between November 1 and December 31, 2024. You can mail in your rebate form and a copy of your receipt or submit it online. Your name, address, phone number, and the offer number from your rebate period must be provided. Using this site, you may also determine the status of your current rebate. Please obtain in contact with us if you keep any queries or are experiencing issues submitting your claim. Our customer service staff will assist you. We’ll also guarantee that you receive the best price for your tires.

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Download Ford Tire Rebate Form 2024

Ford Tire Rebate Form 2024
Ford Tire Rebate Form 2024

Rebates of Ford Tire Rebate Form 2024

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