General Tire Rebate Form

General Tire Rebate Form – You can save money on the tires you buy for your car by filling out a General Tire rebate form. To ensure that you receive all the benefits to which you are entitled, you must complete the form completely.

General Tire Savings

You might be qualified for a general tire rebate depending on the kind of tire you have. You can apply for these rewards online or by mail. The $50 Visa Reward Card Rebate, the $50 Visa Reward Card Rebate for Belle Tire stores, the $50 Visa Reward Card Rebate on General passenger tires, and the $50 Visa Reward Card Rebate on General light truck tires are just a few of the rebates available.

The most common and affordable option to receive a rebate is the $50 Visa Reward Card Rebate. You can send a copy of your receipt and the filled-out claim form by mail or email to request your rebate. Residents of Canada are the only ones who may use this claim form.

All four of the $50 Visa Reward Cards—$50 for general passenger tires, $50 for Belle Tire stores, $50 for general light truck tires, and $50 for general SUV tires—are still valid. These discounts are good for six months.

rebates for Continental Tire

Investing in Continental tires is a fantastic way to increase your car’s performance and durability. With more than 170 locations globally, The Continental Tire Company is a top tire producer. They provide tires for all different kinds of cars. They are renowned for their dependability, longevity, and safety. They are known for offering vehicles that are efficient with fuel.

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You can receive a Continental tire refund if you’re intending to purchase a set of Continental tires. These rebates may be an excellent way to cut costs. Four sets of Continental tires might be discounted by up to $70. All fifty states in the US are eligible for the Continental tire rebate.

You can submit an online or postal claim for your Continental Tire rebate. There is a deadline for the Continental Tire rebate program. To be eligible, you must buy a set of four qualifying tires at once. Other Continental tire rebate offers cannot be combined.

By December 21, 2024, you must submit your Continental Tire rebate form. A active email speech and phone numeral are needed. Your rebate will not be processed if you omit any required information.


Profiting from a General Tire rebate can help you save hundreds of dollars. There are many ways to submit a claim for the rebate, including via phone, online, and the mail. The reimbursement usually remains good for six months behind it is administered.

There’s a decent probability that you’ve seen the rebate offer on the back of the tire box if you’re shopping for a new set of tires. The rebate is at least $50 in value. If you’re fortunate, you’ll receive it as a Visa prepaid card. This card works anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, unlike cash access. You’ll need to utilize it before it expires because it doesn’t reload.

Although it’s possible, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to submit a rebate claim. Usually, you’ll have to complete a lengthy form that asks for details about the tire you bought as well as your current address. The processing of the reimbursement could take up to two weeks, depending on how much information you supply.

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requesting a rebate

The General Tire rebate can help you save hundreds of dollars. Online or postal claims for a general tire reimbursement are both acceptable. In most cases, the claim is processed within 30 days. To guarantee you receive your rebate, you must submit the claim within the required time frame.

You must mail your claim form and a copy of your sales receipt with your purchase. The model numbers of your tires must be listed on the receipt, along with a date. A current residential address and your email address are also required.

Online General Tire refund claims are available to Canadian citizens. A Visa prepaid card will be used to settle the claim. It can be utilized anywhere that takes Visa debit cards.

New tires purchased from an approved tire dealer are eligible for the reimbursement. Along with your address and phone number, you must also include a copy of the sales receipt from the purchase. In general, online rebate applications are completed more quickly.

Download General Tire Rebate Form 2024

General Tire Rebate Form
General Tire Rebate Form

Rebates of General Tire Rebate Form

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