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General Tires Rebate Form – Regardless of whether you’re purchasing tires for your vehicle, truck, or SUV, you probably want to obtain the greatest value. Because of this, the General Tires Rebate is a fantastic way to reduce the cost of your purchase. But before you can benefit from this offer, there exist a rare something you ought to know.

A $50 Visa Reward Card rebate is available.

A fantastic way to conserve money on a new collection of tires for your automobile is to receive a $50 Visa Reward Card Rebate from General Tires. Both light vehicle and passenger tires are eligible for the promotion. There are certain limitations, though, and some nations do not recognize them. Wholesale accounts and fleets cannot take advantage of the promotion.

You must purchase a qualified item from a participating U.S. Goodyear shop in order to qualify for the deal. A redemption form must also be completed and submitted. Within six to eight weeks of receiving the submission, the card will be provided.

Your Visa Reward Card can be obtained online or through the mail. The promotion is not transferable and is only available in the 50 contiguous United States and Washington, D.C. The promotion is not compatible with past purchases or other promotions. The card will become invalid after a year.

CC Financial Trade Products is the company that issues the General Tire Visa Prepaid Card. Although the card cannot be used to access cash, it can be used anyplace that VISA debit cards are accepted. It won’t be issued again if you misplace the card. Any applicable taxes are your responsibility.

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Commercial fleets and customers who have already used a Goodyear or Belle Tires coupon cannot take advantage of this promotion.


Even though receiving a $60 return on new tires may not sound glamorous, you are not required to pay for an expensive repair. To be on the safe side, get a Goodyear Credit Card from participating U.S. merchants and meet the requirements by making qualified purchases totaling at least $1,000 over the course of six months. Although not for everyone, the deal might be worth a try.

Customers who are unable to afford new tires should not take advantage of the previously announced $60 rebate offer. You power as agreeably cash in your chips if you’re scrimping for money. After the purchase, you have up to eight weeks to file a claim. Take advantage of the Goodyear credit card to pay for your new tires if you want to save a few dollars. The firm will pick up the cost afterwards. Try the General Tire MasterCard, which has a lower APR, if the offer isn’t your cup of tea. Although business fleets or commercial accounts cannot use this card, it is a reliable method of paying for new tires. Whichever choice you make, you should be aware that the Goodyear credit card is dependent upon the approval of your credit.

Other methods to save

You might save several hundred dollars by obtaining a General Tires rebate. A Visa prepaid card typically serves as the form of the rebate. The card can stand used anywhere that takes Visa debit cards. After the date of issuance, the card remains valid for six months.

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The process of requesting a General Tires rebate is crucial. Either online or by mail, claims may be submitted. Typically, the rebate is given out within 30 days. Filling out a claim form, including a copy of your credit card receipt, and then waiting for the prepaid card to be mailed to you make up the procedure.

You should compare distinct tire rebates because there are a variety of them. You can frequently get better deals from committed tire retailers. Additionally, they might be able to provide complimentary mounting and balancing for your new set of wheels.

General Tires offers rebates on a wide range of goods. You’re in luck if you’re looking for light truck, SUV, or even winter tires. There are discounts, free delivery options, and even “buy three, get one free” offers available.

The General Tires rebate’s availability to clients in Puerto Rico is its strongest feature. If you meet the standards, the business will also monitor your claim, provide you with updates, and issue you a prepaid Visa card.

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General Tires Rebate
General Tires Rebate

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