Hitachi Leaf Blower Rebate

Hitachi Leaf Blower Rebate – The Hitachi Leaf Blower Rebate is a terrific way to save money if you’re considering buying a leaf blower. Up to six months after buying your blower, you may use the rebate. To be eligible for the rebate, you must complete an online rebate form. It’s significant to remember that certain manufacturers only provide refunds for particular products.

requesting a rebate for a Hitachi leaf blower

Amazon is currently selling a Hitachi gas-powered leaf blower for $97 if you’re searching for a great deal on a new one. This blower has a 23.9-cc commercial-grade 2-stroke engine that can go up to 170 miles per hour and blow up to 441 cubic feet per minute.

A warranty scheme offered by Hitachi covers flaws in both the materials and the workmanship. This warranty covers the complete product, unlike those offered by many other businesses. Therefore, you can be sure that the guarantee will cover any issues with your new Hitachi leaf blower.

motor size

For individuals who enjoy gardening and yard maintenance, the Hitachi RB24EAP is a high-speed, high-capacity leaf blower that is perfect. Visit the official Hitachi website to find out more information about this blower. You may make the most of your new equipment by using one of the many online tutorials and beginner’s guides.

This Hitachi leaf blower boasts a two-stroke, commercial-grade engine with low emissions. It can generate 441 cubic feet of air per minute at a speed of 170 miles per hour. The engine complies with CARB Tier III standards as well.

Vibration-reduction technology

One of the most crucial characteristics to look for in a leaf blower is anti-vibration technology. You may regulate the amount of pressure you use on the leaves with this option. This technique can also be used to mulch your leaves. Leaf blowers made by Hitachi are portable and light. They have a strong motor and a lot of air volume. Additionally, they feature low-speed options for little jobs and delicate areas.

With anti-vibration technology, Hitachi leaf blowers decrease vibration so the operator may work without being interrupted. This is crucial for homeowners who frequently use their equipment to clean leaves. This function will increase the productivity of your work and reduce your risk of injury and exhaustion.


The materials and craftsmanship of your machine are covered by the Hitachi Leaf Blower Warranty. The warranty will pay for repairs or replacement parts at the Hitachi/Tanaka Power Equipment Authorized Service Dealer and covers every component of the machine. The 90-day warranty period begins on the day of purchase. However, repairs done after the guarantee period has passed are not covered by the warranty.

A gas-powered blower’s warranty should be looked through before purchase. Compared to their electric counterparts, the warranties for these machines are typically longer. This can provide you with additional security and guarantee a secure and healthy lawn.

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Hitachi Leaf Blower Rebate
Hitachi Leaf Blower Rebate

Rebates of Hitachi Leaf Blower Rebate

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