Kohls Rebate List and Forms

Kohls rebate is available now for some brands and items. Download Kohls rebate form 2024 to fill in your data and submit it to get the rebate that you want.

All of the current rebate information is available online. You can view rebate forms on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device. They are not available via the Kohl’s app.

You should have the original receipt from your purchase and an additional receipt to mail in with your rebate. Do you need a duplicate of your receipt? Many stores will reprint your receipt if you have the date of purchase and paid with a credit or debit card. Stop by your local Customer Service counter. You can obtain the rebate form at your local store, or visit www.kohls.com/rebate if you have not received it.

A packing slip will be enclosed in your box, which will act as a receipt. However, the rebate form will not come with your package. To find and print your rebate form, visit www.kohls.com/rebate

Kohls Rebates 2024
Kohls Rebates 2024

Download Kohls Rebate Forms 2024

Rebates of Kohls Rebate List and Forms

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