Laufenn Tires Rebate

Laufenn Tires Rebate – A fantastic way to raise the value of your car is to get new tires. But it’s also crucial to take into account any potential rebates when the time comes to make a purchase. If you haven’t previously done your research, you might be shocked to hear that several businesses, like Continental, Hankook, and Goodyear, provide rebates that might help you save money on your subsequent purchase. These discounts typically represent a percentage of your overall purchase.


At your neighborhood dealer, you’re sure to find a fantastic bargain on tires, whether you’re replacing your old set or simply upgrading your vehicle. If you’re fortunate, you’ll also receive a rebate! While you’re there, go through their assortment of winter tires, which will keep your vehicle safe even in the worst weather.

You should think about looking into some of the other offers available if you’re looking for the best value on your new set of wheels. For instance, Dunlop is now offering $50 off some winter tires. Additionally, you might be eligible for a Kumho Visa prepaid credit card, which gives $60 off a selection of new tires. While you’re at it, you power as well benefit from Tire Rack’s free shipping offer on some inexpensive tires.

Why not apply for the Goodyear Credit Card while you’re at it to be eligible for a double dose of rebates on your next set of tires? You can benefit from the company’s tire-smarts initiatives, which will enhance the performance and safety of your vehicle, in addition to the privileges and advantages of having a credit card.

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There are ways to save on your purchase of tires, even though buying tires is not a process that many of us are keen to take on. Hankook’s Laufenn Tire Rebate is one option. The company began operations in the US in March 2015 and provides a wide range of items for different needs. If you’re smart enough to take advantage of this promotion, you might save as much as $40 on a new set of wheels.

You can use a prepaid MasterCard to receive the cash back as well. The card won’t come straight away, but you can anticipate receiving it in eight to ten weeks. You must submit your receipt for processing along with your mailing address. The FDIC-insured MetaBank, N.A., is the company that issues the prepaid card.

There are additional restrictions on the prepaid MasterCard listed above than on a standard credit card. You will only receive the card if you buy four tires of the same model. To complete your claim, you must also provide a copy of your receipt and documentation of the installation.


The Continental Laufenn Tire Rebate program will enable you to save money, whether you need new tires for your light truck or SUV. For a set of four eligible tires, you can save $40 with this discount.

Your $70 Visa Prepaid Card is available for pickup by mail or online. An invoice proving that you bought a set of eligible tires must be submitted. You have the option of a $70 Visa prepaid card, a $60 credit on a Visa prepaid card for Continental Tires, or a $60 credit on a Visa prepaid card for General-brand tires.

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There is also the spring rebate for 2021. You will have to wait until March 19 to May 8, 2021, to receive your rebate because this promotion is not immediate. You must submit both your receipt and your invoice within 60 days of the purchase in order to be eligible for the rebate. When your rebate is complete, you’ll receive a letter or email informing you of it.

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You may be eligible for a rebate if you are looking for new tires for your car or simply prefer the Mickey Thompson brand.You might get a $50 or $100 Visa prepaid card, depending on the kind of tires you buy.

The good news is that Americans can take advantage of this offer. However, it’s restricted to transactions made with the Goodyear Credit Card. So, when you buy your next set of tires, make sure to apply for this credit card. A copy of your invoice and a receipt with the name of the tires you bought must also be submitted.

When you make the online request, the Visa prepaid card will be sent to you in six to eight weeks. Your completed forms must be sent in by October 31, 2024. You can still send in a check if you are unable to submit your form by this deadline.

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Laufenn Tires Rebate
Laufenn Tires Rebate

Rebates of Laufenn Tires Rebate

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