Lowes Rebate for Paint

Looking to save some money on paint? Look no further than Lowes! In 2024, Lowes is offering a fantastic selection of rebates specifically for their paint products. To take advantage of these amazing deals, simply fill out the form below and claim your Lowes rebate today. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to beautify your space while keeping some extra cash in your pocket!

In the Lowe’s Rebate Center  under “Current Rebate Offers” on the far right, you can search for a rebate offer using the product model number from your receipt. You can also search by Product Type or Model. If the item is rebate eligible, the rebate details will be displayed for that item along with the terms or purchase requirements of the promotion.

After entering the offer number from your receipt, you’ll have the option to conveniently click on the link provided to access the Terms & Conditions. This will give you all the necessary details about your rebate and ensure that you have indeed purchased a qualifying product.

How to Submit Lowes Rebate

You can go to the Rebate Center and choose “Complete Form” under Submit Your Rebate. You will need to enter the offer number, sales date, then select the “Online” button to indicate where your purchase was made.

You will then be asked to enter your Order Number. To find your Order Number, check your email confirmation or logon to your MyLowe’s account to retrieve.

Depending on the offer, you might also be asked for the Store Number. If you shipped directly to your home, the Store Number will be 0907. If your online purchase was shipped to a store for pick-up, use the store number on your pick-up receipt.

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When you’re requested to provide an Invoice Number, you can easily find it on either the order confirmation or the pick-up receipt that you received upon receiving the item. This ensures accuracy and allows for seamless communication and transaction processes.

Once completed, you will receive a Confirmation Number to keep for your records. If you provided an email address, you will also get your Confirmation Number via email.

Download Lowes Rebate for Paint 2024

Lowes Rebate for Paint 2024

Rebates of Lowes Rebate for Paint

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