Sedgwick County Water Rebate

Sedgwick County Water Rebate – Hot water heaters that are electric as well as heating systems can be eligible to receive Sedgwick County Water Rebate. To be eligible in the program, the appliance must meet certain requirements, including being equipped with an Energy Factor (EF) of.91 or greater. The unit should also be located on an electric cooperative’s service line. The rebate may changes as Energy Star ratings are updated. To find out if your current unit is eligible, contact Sedgwick County Electric Cooperative. Sedgwick County Electric Cooperative. Sedgwick County Water Rebate.

Sedgwick County Electric Cooperative offers discounts on heating systems as well as electric hot water heaters.

An updated heating unit may be installed for a lower cost if you’re a member of Sedgwick County Electric Cooperative. This rebate is offered to eligible models that satisfy certain specifications, including an ENERGY STAR(r) certification as well as a timer that can be programmed. Heating systems that are new can be connected together with the ENERGY STAR(r) thermostat in order to make the most of savings. Additionally the Variable frequency drive, as well as an engine block heater may be added to offer year-round discounts.

The Sedgwick County Electric Company’s rebate program is available to new and used units, and it requires that the electric or heating hot water heater is in compliance with requirements of DOE requirements at the time of its manufacture. All eligible units must be connected to an electric cooperative line. The rebate requirements change as they see the Energy Star ratings of the new heating system or new equipment are raised.

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Sedgwick County Water Rebate
Sedgwick County Water Rebate

Rebates of Sedgwick County Water Rebate

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