Showtime Rebate Form to Get $25 Cash Back

Are you searching for Showtime Rebate Form and the method for you to claim it? There are simple and simple steps in order to get your refund by adding SHOWTIME into your service during the specified months of the year 2024.

The rebate is offered by DHOWTRIME in the form of the equivalent of a $225 Visa Prepaid Card. This means you can avail of it the moment you redeem it by first.

Steps For Showtime Rebate Form To Claim $25 Rebate

Here are the three simple and straightforward steps to take in order to redeem the SHOWTIME cash rebate form.

  1. You can add Showtime on your online account and choose the months.
  2. Take three months of your Original statements to confirm the SHOWTIME subscriptions you have prepaid.
  3. Find the rebate form.
  4. After you’ve received the rebate form You must fill in the mandatory filled-in details. Fill in the fields that are available with the information you want to include, such as names, addresses, and phone number. In general, you will require some information regarding the product.
  5. After you’ve completed the form after completing the form, send the original three-month bills along with the reimbursement form to:

$25 Showtime National Rebate Program

Dept. OTS

P.O. Box 430796

El Paso. TX 88543-0796

If you’re unsure of meeting the requirements it is recommended to call the hotline for customer support for SHOTIME by dialing 1-866-789-346. The refund will definitely be dealt with by SHOWTIME.

Complete Details Information

Here’s the complete of how to fill out the Showtime Rebate Form today.

  1. If you sign for Showtime You can earn $25 in cash after period of three years paid. All eligible claim amounts of $25 will be refunded to you via the form of a $25 Visa Prepaid Card.
  2. Pay careful attention to expiring dates as you will not be able to claim your $15 back when the dates expire.
  3. The brand new SHOWTIME is available only to subscribers. In this way, it’s mandatory to select a minimum of 3 months of SHOWTIME subscription.
  4. This SHOWTIME offer cannot be combined with any different SHOWTIME offer.
  5. You will be able to receive your pre-paid card within 8-12 weeks after receiving the evidence.
  6. Do not forget to backup your files.

Final Words

In short in short, you can say that the Showtime Rebate Form is available. You can claim and redeem it using your credit or debit card. $25 will be paid to you once you have activated the three-month subscription. There is an expiration date that you need to be aware of because you will not be able to avail the discount when the offer expires.

Showtime Rebate Form 2024
Showtime Rebate Form 2024

Rebates of Showtime Rebate Form to Get $25 Cash Back

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