Stella Artois Rebate Form 2024

Stella Artois Rebate Form 2024 – If you’re a consumer of Stella Artois beer and find yourself in need of a refund, you may be wondering how to go about obtaining a refund form. Rest assured, the process is actually quite straightforward once you know the steps.

The Stella Artois brand

Customers who meet the requirements can get a Stella Artois rebate. The most intriguing aspect is how simple it is to assert. All you control to do exists download the paper, complete the necessary fields, and email it. Your $25 check will be in the mail in less than a week. You must have a working email account and be at smallest 21 years senior to stand eligible. If you’re among the fortunate few, you’ll also have the chance to enter a drawing. It’s a terrific way to get discounts on the classic beverage when you buy it next, plus you could get a bonus in the form of an Anheuser-Busch Prepaid Mastercard.

Methods for obtaining a Stella Artois rebate

Stella Artois has a rebate that is worth looking into if you want to spend less on your favorite beverage. When you purchase two 12-packs of the product, you will receive a $25 refund. The Anheuser-Busch Prepaid Mastercard will be used to pay for this refund, which is valid only in the United States.

Residents must be at least 21 years old to qualify for the refund. You must have a current digital receipt or the product’s UPC in order to submit a refund claim. You must submit your request before January 8, 2024. It’s also vital to remember that not all states are eligible for the reimbursement. You may get in touch with the business, Dahlheimer Beverage, for additional details regarding the rebate.

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One of the numerous refunds that this company offers is the Stella Artois rebate. A complimentary mug is one of the additional gifts. This offer may not come as much of a surprise, but it does require that you arrange your trip to the liquor shop immediately. Also keep in mind that only specific Stella Artois varieties qualify for the reimbursement.

Requirements for receiving a Stella Artois Rebate

There live some restrictions to be mindful of if you want to get a Stella Artois rebate for 2024. For instance, in order to get a refund on a Stella Artois beer or wine purchase, you must be older than 21. The same holds true for alcohol and lottery tickets. Your request must be submitted by January 8, 2024.

You must fill out a brief form on the Stella Artois reimbursement form that requests information about your purchase. You must upload a digital replica of your receipt or UPC in order to be eligible for your rebate. PayPal or a check can be used to submit your payment. By January 31, 2024, you must postmark your reimbursement request. If you have any inquiries concerning your rebate, kindly get in touch with Dahlheimer Beverage.

Residents of the United States who are older than 21 may access the Stella Artois refund forms. This covers purchases of wine, 12-packs, and Stella Artois beer. You need to purchase groceries totaling at least $50 in order to qualify for the refund. Gift cards, lottery tickets, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter medicines are all ineligible.

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Download Stella Artois Rebate Form 2024

Stella Artois Rebate Form 2024
Stella Artois Rebate Form 2024

Rebates of Stella Artois Rebate Form 2024

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