U-Save Rebate

U-Save Rebate helps you offset your household’s utility bills. The rebates will be applied to the HDB household’s utilities account.

These are the conditions that you must meet to be eligible for the U-Save rebate

  • You must own your HDB flat and live there.
  • You must rent the HDB flat you live in and partially rent it out to someone else.
  • Renting out your flat to a Singapore Citizen tenant is required
  • Family members who live in the same apartment must not have or own any interest in more properties than they are allowed to.
U Save Rebate 2024
U Save Rebate 2024

How to Sign Up for U-Save Rebate

To receive the GST voucher – U-Save, you don’t need to sign up. U-Save rebates are credited directly to your household’s utility account, managed by SP Services.

Rebates of U-Save Rebate

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