Uniroyal Tires Rebate

Uniroyal Tires Rebate – Although purchasing new tires can be costly, you might be qualified for a rebate that can make the cost somewhat less. To be eligible, you may need to meet a few prerequisites in addition to following a few rules. The states’ requirements will be different.


Two new products from Uniroyal were unveiled earlier this year. A co-branded “Save the Tiger” kit, which comes with a car decal, plush tiger toy, and reusable tote bag, was also introduced by the company.

Customers have the option to save tigers by purchasing the “Save the Tiger” package. The producer will give the World Wildlife Fund $20 for each qualified Uniroyal tire purchased (WWF). This is a part of the company’s ongoing efforts to help the WWF reach its goal of tripling the number of wild tigers by the year 2024.

A car decal, a reusable tote bag, and a “Save the Tiger” card are included in the “Save the Tiger” bundle. The kit is a fantastic method for customers to assist the roughly 3,900 species of wildlife that are considered endangered. The kit is also a great opportunity to discover more about the company’s dedication to environmental protection.

Along with the other things needed for the Uniroyal tire refund, the “Save the Tiger” kit can be ordered online. The name of the eligible tire, a copy of the purchase and installation invoice, and a picture of the co-branded “Save the Tiger” card are all required.


Uniroyal Tires and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are collaborating once more in the month of October to promote the WWF’s new “Tx2” campaign, which seeks to crease the numeral of barracudas in the wild by 2024. Customers will also receive a WWF/Uniroyal co-branded “Save the Tiger” kit, which includes a plush tiger, reusable tote bag, and species card, in addition to the $40 refund on four specific Uniroyal tires.

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The company also offers the Visa(r) Reward Card, which may be employed anywhere Visa debit cards are taken, in collaboration with The Bancorp Bank. There is an additional store offer that enables customers to save up to $190 on four choice in-stock tires; however, the card does not come with cash access and is subject to penalties. Select sets of four tires purchased at participating stores are eligible for this promotion.

Purchases made at participating U.S. Goodyear retailers are eligible for the promotion, but commercial fleets are not eligible. The upgrade cannot be merged with any additional Goodyear tire rebate offers and is not valid for prior purchases.

eligibility requirements

Uniroyal offers a range of tire alternatives that will offer the ideal balance of performance and price, whether you’re looking for summer or winter tires. You can select the tires that will work best for your car and your driving requirements with the help of a Certified Service Advisor who is an expert.

The Tx2 Initiative of the World Wildlife Fund, a global initiative to save tigers and the ecosystems they call home, is supported by this program. The program attempts to lessen tiger meat trafficking and poaching. 13 nations that are home to wild tiger populations are also included. By 2024, it is intended to have twice as many tigers living in the wild.

The Goodyear Visa Prepaid Card is available for eligible transactions made between July 1 and September 30, 2024. Consumers must submit a copy of the installation invoice and the online purchase invoice in order to receive the card. After the transaction, the card will be delivered in 6 to 8 weeks.

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Customers can also get a plush tiger, a tiger decal, and a reusable tote bag in addition to the credit card. Customers will receive a co-branded “Save the Tiger” kit that includes these items. As component of an continuous effort to enhance the Uniroyal tire line and its market position, this campaign supports the World Wildlife Fund’s initiatives.


As part of an ongoing effort to enhance the brand’s market position, Uniroyal earlier this year unveiled a new line of tires. The “Save the Tiger” co-branded kit, plush tiger toy, car decal, and species card are now included with the purchase of one of these tires. The Tx2 initiative of the World Wildlife Fund, which seeks to crease the numeral of untamed barracudas in the planet by 2024, is another way to support this program.

Customers can electronically submit their General Tire rebate. This rebate is valid from 3/14 through 4/30/2024 and is good for up to $70 in Visa Prepaid Cards. The rebate can additionally be sent in via mail. If you choose to submit your rebate online, you must provide a copy of your online purchase invoice, your installation invoice, or a receipt that shows proof of your Goodyear Credit Card purchase.

This offer is only available at participating U.S. retailers and is not valid for commercial fleets.

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Uniroyal Tires Rebate
Uniroyal Tires Rebate

Rebates of Uniroyal Tires Rebate

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