What Tecate Mail In Rebate Form Offers

Recently, Tecate won the rights to promote that fight of Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao which will cost the highest fight in the history of the sport. Why don’t you get the Tecate Mail in Rebate Form? This has led Tecate to provide Tecate Mail In Rebate Form to those who want to watch the match.

Today, we’ll be learning about the benefits Tecate Mail In Rebate offers as well as the Tecate Mail in Rebate form. Check them out below.

What Tecate Mail In Rebate Offers

With this offer that is available, customers can save $15 when they purchase the battle by purchasing of a Tecate and Tecate Light 18-pack, a 30 percent discount on the purchase of two 18-packs, or even $50 when purchasing a set from three packs. That means you can get a discount of 15 percent when you buy these products.

As per Gustavo Guerra, the Tecate brand director The company offers the possibility of mailing in 675,000 rebate forms that allow customers to receive a cash-back towards their bill-per-view when they purchase Tecate.

Absolutely, consumers will appreciate this rebate form offer, especially if the bill for pay-per-view is expected up to $100. Aren’t you surprised? It will be extremely appealing to the buyers.

Tecate provides promotion via the digital campaign through the social media channels Facebook, YouTube and Twitter offering more opportunities for consumers to buy Tecate products and receive their rebate forms. Tecate also has a variety of prizes where buyers can get a free show with the possibility of winning cash towards refreshments for the pay-per-view parties. In addition, there is the possibility of winning tickets to the fight or a Pacquaio memorabilia signed by the fighter.

Tecate Mail In Rebate Form

The rebate forms are typically available at points of purchase, meaning that you will be able to obtain the form at the place which you buy a product of Tecate. Tecate is accessible across Arizona, California, New Mexico, Texas and Nevada.

If you go to any of these places there is a chance to buy of the item and receive the product’s rebate form.

Final Words

In the end, we conclude that the offer of Tecate Mail In Rebate Form is appealing to consumers. This means that everyone has the possibility of participating in every program including the savings or other promotional programs. Would you think about making an purchase now and fill out the rebate form today?

Download Mail In Rebate Form 2024

Tecate Mail In Rebate Form 2024
Tecate Mail In Rebate Form 2024

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