White Claw $5 Rebate Form

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Mark Anthony Group makes White Claw Hard Seltzer, an alcoholic seltzer water drink. This beverage is available in many flavors and was first introduced in 2016.

A mixture of seltzer water and a gluten-free malted liquor base is used to make the beverage. The alcohol base, also known as “beer base” in customs rules, is 51% sugar with trace amounts of “malted wheat-free grains”.

White Claw was founded by Mark Anthony Group, a Vancouverite Anthony von Mandl who is also responsible for Mike’s Hard Lemonade. After its launch in 2016, White Claw saw a tremendous rise in sales. Forbes reported that Von Mandl’s U.S. business will generate close to $4 billion in revenue by 2020. White Claw was the largest hard seltzer seller in America, accounting for more than half of total sales. Volume sales of White Claw increased 275% over the previous year. Beverage Digest Awards 2020: Best Hard Seltzer Winner

White Claw $5 Rebate Form 2022
White Claw $5 Rebate Form 2022

Download White Claw $5 Rebate Form 2022

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