How Alcon Rebate Form Can Help You Save Your Spending

Because contact lenses can be costly and can be quite expensive, understanding how to handle how to manage your Alcon rebate form could be very beneficial. By taking advantage of the rebate you’ll be able increase your savings whenever it is feasible! Who said you’d have to spend a fortune when it comes time to purchase the lens (or contacts)?

Understanding Alcon

If we’re talking about Alcon when we talk about Alcon, we are talking about a brand synonymous with top-quality eyecare products. Alcon is an American-based Swiss medical company that focuses on top-quality products for the treatment of eye problems and treatments for the eyes. The headquarters are located situated in Geneva, Switzerland. It is located in Fribourg, Switzerland. In America Alcon’s headquarters is located in Forth Worth, in Texas.

The company enjoys offering rebate programs, which delight the customers – making them feel satisfied and making them loyal customers. The amount you can claim is generous, and ranges from $30-$50. The amount of rebate you receive depends on the lenses prescribed by your physician. If you wish to be eligible for this rebate you must to purchase (annual supplies) contacts. For example, if you are looking to receive a the rebate of $30, you must purchase four boxes (or approximately 6 lenses in each) from Air Optix plus HydraGlyde or 4 boxes (or approximately 6 lenses in each) that contain Air Optix plus HydraGlyde Multifocal. If you wish to receive a $50 in rebate, you will need to purchase eight boxes (or 90 lenses/box) of Dailies AquaComfort Plus or Precision1 Dailies for Astigmatism. In other words, you have to meet the minimum conditions to qualify to receive the rebate.

How to Claim the Alcon Rebate Form

  • In contrast to other brands which require you to mail the rebate form via post, Alcon makes everything simple and simple. It is possible to submit the claim online. The steps to follow are:
  • Visit the local eye doctor and have prescriptions for your (contacts) prescription renewed
  • Purchase the entire supply within ninety-days (90) of the renewal date.
  • You will receive an claim code. Just fill out your rebate form together with your claim code. Be sure to submit this within the 60-day period following making the purchase. If you exceed 60 days, your rebate will not remain valid.

Remember to include your claim code as well as your UPC barcode (which is within the packaging) along with the receipt from your last appointment with your eye doctor.

The great thing about Alcon rebates is that you can make use of the discount code when you are making the purchase and still be eligible to receive the rebate. If you’re needing high-quality eye care products, make sure to fill out an Alcon rebate form to assist you to save some money.

Alconchoice Printable Rebate Form 2024
Alconchoice Printable Rebate Form 2024

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