How to Use Mobil 1 Rebate Form for Your (Financial) Advantage

It is possible to discover Mobil 1 rebate form extremely beneficial in your own way, considering that you do often in your car (and maintenance). In the end, who wouldn’t want to get a cut on items that they purchase frequently? If you wish your discount for it to become valid you must make sure you adhere to the guidelines and fulfill the conditions.

About Mobil1 and Its Program

Some Mobil1 products qualify for the rebate program. Certain products are limited , and you have to purchase them from participating retailers. The rebate program does not include Amazon’s purchase. Be aware that Amazon has their rebate program during the specified period of time period. In the 2024 period for example the rebate period begins from April 1st 2024 until September 30, 2024. Buyers can only receive two rebates (max) per household.

The rebate is valid after you’ve purchased five quarts of products. For example, if you purchase Mobil Full Synthetic Motor Oil as well as Mobil Super High Mileage, you could receive $5 in cash back in the form from Mobil1 Visa (prepaid) card. If you purchase Mobil1 Extended Performance, you are eligible for a rebate of $15, or $10 if you buy Mobil1 Truck&SUV. Make sure you purchase minimum 5 cubic quarts in order to be qualified to receive the rebate.

How to Be Eligible for the Mobil 1 Rebate

  • You’ll need to purchase the (eligible) items at the participating retailer. Be sure to purchase it during the Promotion Period otherwise your rebate will not be valid.
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Take a photo of the receipt for sale. Visit where you will be able to access the online rebate. Fill out the form and upload the receipt’s image. The item that is eligible for submission should be marked. Visit the website to find when the submission deadline is (the exact date and time to submit).

Another option is to go to and print the form to mail in. Be sure to complete all the information completely which includes your mailing address (it should not include P.O. boxes) Name city, state zip code, city and the email address. You must send the form an email to your manufacturer. The address is within the form or on the site.

  • If you select the rebate via mail form then you will need to fill out an individual and separate form for each eligible item’s receipt
  • If you’re trying to obtain the approval of your online purchase be sure to send in the pick-up or final delivery receipt for the purchase. The (participating) retailer is likely to be able provide one.

Go to their official site to find out more the details of their program for rebates. You must ensure that you have completed their Mobil1 rebate form thoroughly before submitting claims.

Mobil 1 Printable Rebate Form 2024
Mobil 1 Printable Rebate Form 2024

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