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If you are used to purchasing products at Amazon, you may want to have not only discounts, but also some rebates. Using Amazon rebate form, you can apply to get rebate from Amazon online rebate and Amazon mail in rebate. Download the form down below:

As you might already know, to offer the lowest price possible on new products, manufacturers, wireless service providers, merchants and others on Amazon use mail in rebates.

For a mail-in rebate claim, there are some steps you need to follow based on Amazon FAQ:

  1. You can select Rebate forms from the product detail page.
  2. Print the rebate form and open it before the deadline for postmark.
    Notice: The rebate will not be displayed on the product detail pages after the deadline for postmark submission. A pre-printed copy will not be included with your shipment.
  3. Complete the following information.
  4. Print any additional documentation that you need to attach with your rebate form.
    Notice: You may be required to provide proof of purchase documentation such as an receipt or the item UPC code in order to qualify for a rebate. Keep the packaging of the item until you receive the rebate. You can print an invoice from Your Account if you require a receipt. You can find instructions at Print an Invoice.
  5. Send the completed rebate form and any additional documentation to the address provided.

Two deadlines are included in all rebate forms: a purchase deadline, and a postmark deadline. You must place your order before the purchase deadline to be eligible for the rebate. Even if the item arrives after the purchase deadline has passed, the rebate will still be available if the order was placed prior to that date. After you have received your item, please mail the rebate form along with any other documentation. Once the rebate fulfillment form is completed, the item cannot be returned.

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Download Amazon Rebate Form 2024

Amazon Rebate Form 2024

No Amazon rebate form available now. You need to fill in the online rebate form at

Rebates of Amazon Rebate Form

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