Primary Rebate South Africa

South Africans are eligible for primary tax rebate if you submit your tax information. The rebates consist of medical tax credit and general tax rebates.

Medical Tax Credit

Primary Rebate South Africa 2022 Guideline
Primary Rebate South Africa 2022 Guideline

Taxpayers under 65 years old can get a medical credit for medical scheme contributions. This rebate replaces the previous deduction. The following monthly rebates are available for contributions to medical schemes starting on March 1, 2021:

  • ZAR 332 Taxpayer
  • First dependant: ZAR 332.
  • Every subsequent dependant: ZAR 224.

The following is how the annual rebate for excess medical scheme contributions or other medical expenses is calculated:

Taxpayer above 65 years old: 33.3% of medical contributions if it exceeds three times the medical scheme contribution credit, and 33.3% for all other medical expenses.

Taxpayer with a disability receives 33.3% of the amount in medical scheme contributions that exceeds three times the amount credit for medical scheme fees and 33.3% on all other medical expenses.

Taxpayer below 65 years old with no disability: 25% of the total amount of four times the medical plan contribution credit or other medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of your taxable income.

General Primary Rebate

Primary Rebate South Africa 2022
Primary Rebate South Africa 2022

General Tax rebates are available to taxpayers. These rebates can be deducted from the tax due.

The following rebates are available for the 2022 tax years (i.e. which begins on the 1 March 2021, and ends on the 28 February 2022):

  • Primary Tax Rebate: ZAR 15,714 all natural persons
  • Secondary Tax rebate: ZAR 8.613 for taxpayers 65 years or older
  • Tertiary Tax rebate ZAR 2,871 for taxpayers over 75 years old
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