Different Ways to Claim Acuvue Rebate Form

Understanding the complete details and terms in the Acuvue rebate form can help you reap benefits from the purchase. There are a variety of Acuvue products listed in their rebate programs which include Acuvue Vita, Acuvue 1-Day Moist Family and Acuvue Oasys family. If you purchase any Acuvue products other than these versions, you will not be eligible to claim rebate. All in all, Acuvue has a pretty diverse range of products that meet your eye health well.

Acuvue and Their Rebate Programs

Acuvue is the contact lenses’ brand. It has a range of products that aid people in seeing better, regardless of whether you are nearsighted or suffer from sensitivities to the eyes. There are many products are available in this line. In addition, you are able to benefit from the high-quality use.

As was stated earlier it is not the case that every Acuvue products are eligible for The rebate scheme. There are a few minor details that could differentiate current wearers from those who are new. For instance, the current wearers can benefit from the opportunity to earn a rebate for their an annual supplies of Acuvue Vita, Acuvue Moist Family as well as Acuvue Oasys Families.

For new wearers they may:

You can submit 4 times a year when they purchase three months of supplies

  • Get 2 submissions per year when they purchase six months of supplies
  • or 1 submission to purchase the supply for 9 months.

The offer is only available to those who are new to wearing it. Wearers who are already wearing the product won’t qualify for the promotion even if they buy the eligible products or in the quantity.

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The claim should be filed immediately. You have 60 days to submit your claim from the date you purchased. If you extend the date, your claim will be rejected automatically.

How to Claim the Rebate

There are a variety of methods for you to get your refund which include:

  • Online. You’ll need an account on MyAcuvue which is also known as Acuvue Insider. You will be able to receive promotions, like surveys, rebatesand insider offers, and many more. If you make an online submission, it is necessary to provide your name and birth date, as well as your address, mobile number as well as your email address. Remember to attach or include the (purchasing) receipt.
  • Acuvue check-out. It is the assertion you make during an examination in the office. Your eye doctor can assist you in settling the claim. This means you are able to take this step when your eye doctor is working with Acuvue or is affiliated with it.
  • Acuvue shop. You will receive an online link via the email of your doctor after you have purchased the product.

If you’re not sure regarding the entire process it is possible to call the customer support or go to their website. If you are unsure about filling out the Acuvue’s rebate form correctly, you may request assistance from for assistance.

Download Claim Acuvue Rebate Form 2024

Claim Acuvue Rebate Form 2024
Claim Acuvue Rebate Form 2024

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