HST Rebate Form for New Housing

Download HST Rebate Form 2024 down below if you want to get Harmonized Sales Tax for your new home. Get up to 36% rebate using this HST rebate new housing.

FYI, A rebate may be available for a portion of Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) that is applicable to new home buyers.

A rebate of 36% of (5%) of federal HST can be claimed by eligible new home buyers for a property with a pretax value less than or equal $350,000.

The rebate for federal HST will be reduced if the pre-tax price exceeds $350,000 but less than $450,000. No rebate is available if the purchase price exceeds $450,000. The federal portion of HST can only be rebated up to $6,300.

HST Rebate Form Ontario

A new eligible Home buyer may also be eligible for a rebate of 75% on the Ontario portion (8%) HST. This rebate is available to all Homes regardless of price. However, the maximum rebate is $24,000.

HST Rebate Form 2024
HST Rebate Form 2024

Download HST Rebate Form 2024

Rebates of HST Rebate Form for New Housing

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