NJ EV Rebate Form

For those who are based in New Jersey, make sure you don’t miss to receive NJ EV Rebate, an incentive of around $5,000 when you buy or lease a new EV Car.  This program aims to push more clean vehicle so that we can help a better environment. With our help of purchasing an electric vehicle, we can get less air pollution and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Eligible NJ EV Rebate 2024
Eligible NJ EV Rebate 2024

Those are some electric cars that are eligible for the NJ EV Rebate program. To know more models that included, you can see the list of the vehicles for this rebate program here.

Download NJ EV Rebate Form 2024

You don’t need to have New Jersey specified rebate form to claim this rebate. All you need to do is to go to the dealership where you purchase the car, and ask the rebate there. Let’s turn to electric vehicles and save the planet!

Rebates of NJ EV Rebate Form

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