Seresto Rebate Form

Seresto Rebate Form – Discover the incredible Seresto Rebate of 2024, offering you significant discounts on the purchase of Seresto for your beloved pets. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to save by obtaining the Seresto rebate form and redeeming it before it expires. Act now to ensure your furry friends are protected while enjoying incredible savings!

If you’re looking for a flea collar that’ll keep your dog protected for months at a time, you’ll find a great deal in the seresto vs. frontline flea collars rebate. Both products are highly effective at killing fleas and ticks. And while Seresto’s collar is designed to prevent fleas and ticks for eight months, Frontline’s is designed to kill them every time your dog walks in an area with mosquitoes.

Seresto (r) effectively eliminates and repels fleas as well as ticks by contact. There is no bites required. Additionally, it is effective for 8 consecutive months, freeing you from the stress of monthly topical or oral sprays.

The Seresto(r) collar is a remarkable product made with a special polymer matrix and two powerful active ingredients. When the collar comes in contact with your dog’s skin, these ingredients are effectively absorbed, providing optimal protection. This unique design ensures that your pet is shielded from pesky pests while maintaining utmost comfort.

  • Imidacloprid has been utilized in various products for many years to fight the infestation of fleas.
  • Flumethrin kills and repels ticks.
  • Flumethrin is used in conjunction alongside imidacloprid to provide dual protection against ticks and fleas. There is no other product that has this blend of ingredients.
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Seresto (r) functions similarly as a monthly topically due to the sense that the active ingredients are released through the area of direct contact with the skin’s surface. The active components found in Seresto (r) are released in lower concentrations from the collar. They due to the coat and skin of your pet they spread from toes to head, even to the tail. When the active ingredients break down in time, a new supply of them is replenished continuously with low levels for 8 months. The extended, eight-month-long duration that comes with Seresto (r) is distinct from other tick and flea collars.

Seresto (r) is water-resistant and stays effective after shampoo treatments as well as after exposure to sunlight or rain. In normal circumstances, the performance lasts for up to 8 months. To keep the 8-month period in check the dogs shouldn’t be bathed more frequently than one time per month. There is no requirement to take off the collar to bathe. Use an easy, soap-free pet shampoo.

Seresto Rebate Form
Seresto Rebate Form

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